Sunday, August 07, 2011

What Keeps Me Laughing...

I'm planning onto incorporating some vlogs into my posts time to time, and today I'm kinda-sorta starting by posting some videos I shot at our favorite book store the other week.  I've never posted a video of them online before, so here's your chance to see the cuteness that I am privileged to live with every day.  They are such a joy and a gift!


  1. when I was watching, Sam was next to me. he says, "WHAT is she doing?!" and for Liam he said, "just like Happy Feet"

    I thought you'd like his response :)
    cute kids mama!

  2. Thanks, Katie. I was thinking exactly the same things Sam was guy!

  3. Tara ~J~5:22 PM

    SO talented! ;-)


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