Friday, August 05, 2011

30 Before 30 Monthly Update

I am two months into my year-long  '30 before 30' and it has been going well.  A lot of my goals have to occur around a certain time of the year, so I'll have to wait until then.

Here's an update on what I've checked off my list so far!

1. Start an Etsy store- I honestly do not know when I'm going to do this.  As school is quickly approaching, I know I am going to have a small amount of free time.  Even if I open my store right before my next brithday, I will do this!

2. Host a theme cocktail party- I've decided to do our annual Cowboy Poker party in October to fulfill this goal.  I'm getting super excited about this.  Everyone comes in full costume (I have played the gruff but lovable male trapper called "The Trapper" for the last two years.

3. Get accepted into and transfer to Chico Sate- I'll do this in the spring.

4. Paint a family portrait- Not yet

5. Lose 20 pounds- Seriously guys, I have lost seven pounds since June 3rd.  If I lose 20 pounds before halfway through my year, I will double this goal to 40.  Even though I have about 80 to lose, I want to set super realistic goals so I can keep momentum.  What have I done? I've eaten less and moved more.  My portions have been smaller and I have eaten less at night. Summer has made it easy for me to get in a quick workout when I go swimming with the kids.  I can't really notice a difference, although I think my jeans fit just a tiny bit more loosely.

6. Get new glasses- School is coming up, so I need to do this soon!  I don't wear my glasses often, but they really help me when I'm staring at a teacher and a board for hours on end. 

7. Visit 5 new places in my hometown/surrounding area- 1 down- We went to the fountain in our downtown plaza for the first time. It's like a tiny splash park and I've never taken the kids there before.

8. Surprise Mark with an incredible, awesome, romantic day- I totally surprised him on our 5 year anniversary.  I asked Mark's mom to tell him she couldn't take the kids for the day as planned.  He was so bummed, but them he was SO excited when she showed up in the morning.  My mom took them that night, so we had a glorious, relaxing 24 hours of free time.  We spent it going on a drive and having lunch and then going to our friend's house to swim all afternoon and evening.  We love being the water, and we had dinner with friends and Mark made his pineapple Markaritas, the official drink of my summer!

9. Go camping- Did you miss my three part series on our camping trip?  It was so much fun!

10. Run/jog a mile without stopping- I'm at the point where I'm still thinking about buying jogging shoes.  I never even wear tennis shoes. at all.  When we were camping, I was wearing some white ked-like shoes, and my brother stopped and said, "Whoa.  You look with those on."  That is how rarely I wear tennis shoes.

11. Have a homemade Christmas (homemade gifts, food, decorations, etc.) - Talk to me in November.

12. Write and record a song (with my brother's help!)- I've been scribbling down some lyrics time to time, but I'm definitely still working on it.

13. Read 5 "Classics"-  Not yet.  I've been reading loads of super nerdy science-fiction and fantasy, though.

14. Sell a piece of artwork- Hoping that will immediately follow the opening of my Etsy store. Or something.

15. Have a girl's weekend with my sister out of town- No plans yet, although I know she is looking forward to this!  We've talked about going to another winery...we had a geat time in Napa

16. Make a gourmet dinner completely from scratch for my friends- Not yet!

17. Make all the gifts I give to other people-  It's been really hard to keep up with this, but I've done great so far.  See some of my personalized paintings here.

18. Spend a weekend in San Francisco with Mark- We're hoping to do this in the fall.

19. Go to at least 5 art shows/exhibitions- Nada.  I think I am really going to take advantage of the shows at Butte and Chico State during the school year.  I hope to be in at least one!

20. Read the entire Harry Potter series before the last movie comes outExcept that I didn't and just watched every minute of every movie instead.  I've read them all 5 times and I just couldn't do it right now.

21. Give my bedroom a makeover. It is incredibly blah right now.- Still Blah!  This is so needed!

22. Finally achieve my goal of having a kitchen sink empty of dishes at the end of every night- Getting better and better!

23. Finish the photo collage on our living room wall- Not yet!

24. Have a girl's spa day with Maggie- I'm planning this for after her pre-school graduation in May.  She starts pre-school the week after next and it is getting me so emotional.  It doesn't help that she is turning four at the end of the month.  Sniff....

 25. Blog at least 4 days a week- Yes!  I have been actually doing this, more like 5-6 times a week.

26. Create art with my kids at least once a week- More like once a day! Now that it is a goal, I try to do something creative every day- painting, drawing, cutting and gluing, etc...  All of their art is starting to cover the walls in our kitchen!

27. Spend at least one night away with the kids at a new and exciting place- Not yet!

28. Celebrate our five year anniversary in a fun and creative way- See no. 8!

29. Make Halloween costumes for the entire family- I have to get through making Maggie a fairy birthday party at the end of this month, and then I'll start thinking about Halloween.  We were pretty cute last year, but I can't wait to make all of our costumes this year.

30. Go to a professional sports game (hopefully the Giants!)- I think we'll fit this in when we go to San Francisco!


  1. I should come up with this a 30 before 30 list, I'd have a year and a half to get it done. Hmm.

    I hope you blog on your handmade Christmas! I'm wanting to at least give mostly handmade presents this year. If we don't make them, it would be things made locally like gourd bird houses from our farmer's market.

    Your camping trip looked so much fun! I can't wait till Sebastian is old enough for camping.

  2. I love the collage you made of your camping photos. you'll have to show me how you do that.
    I'd like to volunteer myself to help with #16 and #21 if you need it. :)
    great list!

  3. Sarah- You should totally do a 30 before 30! It would be awesome. And camping was so fun. It was a lot of work, but so worth it.

    Katie- Yes, your expertise in both designing and eating is much needed ;)


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