Monday, June 20, 2011

Surviving My High School Reunion

Mid-Robot with my Hubby

Well, I survived!  The reunion was hectic and crazy and definitely a blast from the past.  I had a great time hanging out with my friends and I loved seeing some of my good friends that I haven't seen for a while.  I had helped plan the reunion, but in the end, I didn't do too much.  There was some really weird tension between me and the girl running the reunion, which led to a bit of drama. And I am drama free at this point in my life, so I was really over it. It was SO HIGH SCHOOL!  Sigh.

I really didn't talk to too many people, to be honest.  I hung out with like five different people, and said hi to a lot.  But, basically everyone hung out with the people they are still friends with.  There was definitely an overwhelming amount of people from the same group or clique in high school. I think the high ticket price made it impossible for a lot of people to attend, unfortunately.  Even most of my friends from high school that live locally chose not to come.

I'll be honest.  I drank a lot.  I was nervous and felt out of place.  I didn't eat more than a few bites.  I was running around trying to clean up and worrying about getting everything shut down and put away after the party.  I felt bad that someone was upset with me (apparently I hurt her feeling when I couldn't be as involved as I said I would be. She didn't even include me or my dear friend when publicly acknowledging who helped out. It was an obvious snub that left a lot of people confused.  I was annoyed but too embarrassed to say anything about it, my friend was hurt for me, talked to her about it, and then she talked to me.)  I feel bad about letting her down and not being able to keep my commitment, but I still helped throughout the last year.  Anyway, moving on. 

The after party at a club (The Bear for you locals) was the real fun for me. After I finished cleaning up. I walked outside and one of my guy friends from high school was waiting with a taxi van.  "Get it the van!  Get in the van!" he yelled at us.  So, we got in the van with our good friends and after that, the craziness began.  Our friend, who I call Elvis, let us in an epic night.  He stopped at the bank, took out an insane (and I mean insane) amount of cash, and then led us to the club. Two of my friends who weren't at the reunion joined us then, and they got caught up in the whirlwind of excitement. Elvis bought shots, drinks, and insisted everyone had an awesome time. The dance party seriously began when we walked through the door. It was crazy.
Me and my bestie, Allie.  We met on the school bus when we were 13!

Everyone from the reunion was there, and we took over the entire dance floor. We danced for the next two hours, until we were once again ordered, "Get in the van!" Five people came with us to our house for the after-after party and we finally said goodbye to everyone around four in the morning.  We had two people crash at our house, including Elvis.  He woke us up at nine AM, by turning on our bedroom light and tickling our feet.  He wanted to keep going by everyone going to breakfast, but I had to convince him that no, we don't do this often and yes, we wanted to sleep more.

I drank about a gallon of water and ten Gatorades yesterday.  I had a hangover, but I was mostly just exhausted.  I lost FIVE pounds on Saturday, from the activity, being too nervous to eat, dancing for hours, and the God-awful stress.

Some of my best friends are in this picture!  If you look closely, can see I am rocking it out in the middle of the dance circle.  LOL

Overall, it was awesome.  I loved being with my friends from high school, and letting loose for just one night.  I let myself be taken on a crazy adventure, and I'm happy I could just stop worrying.  I wish that more of my friends attended, because I somehow still felt out of place. No, I will never again volunteer to help with something like this, but I will definitely attend the next one.

Here is an honest portrait of someone halfway through an epic night with their high school class. Don't laugh too hard, okay? My hair started off down but I was dripping with sweat and had it put it up.

Picture credit (except for the above sweaty picture) goes to my friend Brenda Hallett.  She did an awesome job documenting the night!


  1. Sarah4:44 PM

    Sounds perfect! What a night! Too bad about the girl and her attitude I thought she might act that way. Craziness at the Bear. Love the pics. I really get a feel for what it was like.

  2. Hiii!! loved what you had to say about the night. I was completely unaware of all the drama that went down before and during the event. I can't believe people were making things an issue. Don't worry about feeling awkward before hand because I was stressing too! I think everyone was. I received many panicked phone calls before the event!!!! lol. pre-reunion cocktails came in handy ;) Anyway, point being I just wanted to leave a comment and say I had so much fun catching up with you and it was wonderful to see both of you at the reunion!!!!
    I see mini reunions with select guests in the near future :)

    Take care,


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