Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Favorites- Our Favorite Meal

Remember, like months ago, when I started doing "Friday Favorites"?  I loved it, even though I only did a few posts.  Well, I'm bringing it back, starting today! 

Like most parents, I feel like I am always in the kitchen. Between cooking, clean up and washing up, I spend hours every day feeding my family.  So, about once a week, I make it easy on myself and we make homemade pizza.  It's super easy, pretty inexpensive and everyone loves it.  I would definitely say that Homemade Pizza is our favorite meal.

I start off with lots of different veggies.  Last night, we had mushrooms, olives, chopped onions, orange and yellow peppers, zuchinni, pineapple, asparagus, fresh tomatoes and spinach. 

We also used mozzarella, pre-made pizza sauce, wheat dough from trader Joe's, pepperoni and Canadian bacon.

Magdalena likes to make her pizza in special shapes- her and Liam's are triangles and mine is a moon.  I used to work at a pizza place, and we always put the spinach under the cheese.  It keeps it moist and basically becomes part of the sauce- try it!

Mark being silly with his creation. He made an extra large crust, which he then stuffed with sauce and cheese, and folded over.

I'm pretty sure every kid loves making their own pizza!

Here's another pizza trick I learned- for veggie or gourmet pizzas, creamy salad dressing work great.  All those white sauces that you get from restaurants- basically ranch dressing.  Trust me.  We used a creamy Caesar on our veggie pizza.

Tons of veggies on this one!  It was delicious!

After about 15 minutes of cooking, we had tons of delicious pizza to share with other family members that we were spending the evening with.

Here's our finished products:

What is your family's favorite meal?


  1. We love homemade pizza at our house, too! The kids love being able to make their own little pizzas. Plus, it's fairly healthy, so win-win!

  2. Jenifer Bracy5:38 PM

    YUM! Your last 2 food posts are making me hungry! Those pizzas look awesome, I'll have to try the Trader Joe's wheat dough, thanks for the tip :)


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