Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful for time together

My weekend spent with my sister and her family was really special.  It was so busy, but it was great to see her and my nephew, Nate.  He is getting so big and just started walking.  I am so proud of him!
We spent one day at the Bay Area Discovery Museum, and we thought it was super cool.  It is a great place for young children, and they even have a special section for babies and toddlers.  Thank goodness Maggie was under the height limit, because she loved it.  I so appreciated that they actually had someone standing at the entrance, making sure no older kids came in.  The babies were safe to crawl around and explore.  I highly recommend it, although it is huge and you could spend all day there.  It is right under the Golden Gate Bridge, so you have an amazing view the whole time.


Yes, this is the view!!  Awesome, right?


  1. Sarah6:34 PM

    Love the pictures! We had a great time visiting too. I am so excited to see you again next week for Thanksgiving.

  2. That looks like such a fun place!


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