Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sleep Training, Part 3

People might disagree with me, but for us, sleep training totally and completely works. It worked for Maggie, and it has worked for Liam!
Liam is now going to sleep every night, and twice a day for naps, all by himself. We put him down sleepy, but not asleep. I nurse him before we put him down, and as soon as he starts rubbing his eyes, into bed he goes.
He is also now sleeping in his crib. No more swing for my big boy. We haven't used it for 5 days!
Not only is he falling asleep on his own, he is also sleeping much longer. Last night, he slept in his crib for 6 hours in a row. A month ago, I would have to lie down with him for a 1/2 hour to put him to sleep, and I would have to do it every time he woke up, which was about every two hours.
He usually doesn't cry at all when we put him down, and when he does, it lasts 5-10 minutes and then he is out.
I can't imagine my life if I had refused to let Liam cry at all at night. It was hard, but I was secure in knowing that all his needs were met. He was fed, dry, cozy and tired. He just needed me to be a little firm and tell him that he needed to sleep on his own. The only other option would be co-sleeping the entire night and that doesn't work for me or my husband. Or my lifestyle.
Now that I am going to school, I am so relieved that Liam will be able to sleep peacefully when I am gone. It is a huge weight off of me to know that at much as needs me, he doesn't need to fall asleep. And, I am going to start pumping again so that he will still be able to exclusively breastfeed , even while I am at school.
Good sleep for everyone rocks!!


  1. Yay for Liam! And, yay for mama!

    I hate, hate, HATE listening to my babies cry. But, I agree, it works for us, too. I haven't done it with Finley (still nursing her to sleep), but I know the day is coming.... :)

  2. Oh, and when does school start? Next month?

  3. Good for you, Laura! It's easier for you and I honestly think it's easier for them. We did that with both our boys from the very start!


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