Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy 10 Month Birthday, Magdalena!

Dear Magdalena,

Today you are ten months old! I cannot believe that you are almost a year old. Soon, I won't have a baby anymore, I'll have a toddler!
You are incredible! You have changed so much in these last couple of months. You crawl extremely well and very fast. You have been crawling since you were eight months old. You pull up on all furniture, at all times. You are ALWAYS in motion, and usually standing up. You are always trying to climb up on things, and you are very clever at using your walker as a ladder. Speaking of your walker, you walk all over the house with it You push it backwards and forwards and barely lean on it at all. You cruise everywhere, going from one piece of furniture to the next. You are very coordinated and extremely determined t go where you want to go.
You can stand all on your own, without holding on to anything, for 5-10 seconds. Then you slowly squat down and sit down. You can walk barely holding Mommy or Daddy's finger, and we think your first steps aren't too far off.
Your favorite toys are your baby dolls, your wooden princess puzzle, your foam blocks and all your books. Your love very girlie things, pink things, sparkly things, baby dolls, anything with a little girl on it. Mommy has even bought you balls and cars, but you are not interested. I am interested to see if this is a hint of what's to come in the future.
You are currently pretty obsessed with pillows and anything soft. You fling yourself onto pillows over and over again, rubbing your face into the soft material. You have even stood up on something and then fallen onto a pillow, over and over again. You also love laundry and blankets. You sit on the ground, bend over and rub your face into whatever you have. The only time you are still during the day is when you find something soft to lay in and enjoy for a minute. It is so funny!
You are freaking hilarious. Really. You talk to yourself all day long, and make noises that sound like bird chirps and also seem to fully speak some dialect of African, complete with clicks and throat noises. It is so funny. You also stick your tongue out all the time, even waving it wildly around or flicking it. You smile constantly, almost never cry and laugh all day long. You bring an incredible amount of joy into the world. You are so adorable, and every time I go out with you, I know that people will comment on you. You just radiate happiness!
Your first name, Magdalena, comes from Mary Magdalene, who was transformed by Jesus and walked with Him, practically as a disciple. She had a personal relationship with Jesus, one of friendship and intimacy (although I AM NOT saying they had a sexual relationship like some theories claim.No, no, no,no.). She was there at his death, and Jesus first appeared to her after the resurrection. Basically, she gave her life to be there with Jesus, and to serve Him. She met Him, was transformed, and devoted her life to Him. I love it. I know at one point in your life, you will meet Jesus and be transformed. I believe that you will have a real and extremely meaningful relationship with Jesus.
Your middle name, Ruth, means "friend" in Hebrew. She is a amazing woman in the Bible. She is steadfast and obedient and follows the ways of the Lord. She refuses to take the easy way out and is loyal and good. She is just so simply righteous and honest, and is rewarded for her steadfastness.
Magdalena Ruth, you have so much potential already. You astound everyone around you. You figure things out so quickly, and you are so engaged with the people around you. You are constantly interacting and exploring. You are just so much fun and so loving.
Needless to say, I am proud of you. You are such a gift. I love being your mom and my life is so amazing with you in it. I love you, Roo!!

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