Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not The News I was Waiting to Hear...

Well, it's official. I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Grrrr! I read that only 4% of pregnant women get it. 4%! I wish I would have been tested a lot earlier, because I really have no idea how long I have had it for. I am on a strict diet for a couple of weeks, and then if my blood sugar levels don't improve, I will be put on insulin. But, the midwife basically said it was up to me. If I can follow the diet, I should be fine. I haven't met with the nutritionist yet, but the Midwife gave me a diet to follow until I do. Basically, nothing sweet or with sugar is to pass my lips. No fruit, no juice, and obviously no desserts of any kind. I am to eat no processed or boxed foods, only fresh. For breakfast, I am supposed to eat an egg, some bacon, 1 slice of whole grain toast and a glass of milk. I can eat cheese and veggies as snacks, and for lunch I am supposed to have a green salad with protein. I am supposed to have another snack, and I get 1/2 an apple every day. For dinner, meat with vegetables and maybe a whole grain carb. And then yet another snack. And I will have to test my blood sugar when I wake up and two hours after every meal. So....that's what I get to do. Not fun, but I know it's worth it. I'm not worried, just unhappy that I don't get to eat what I want..LOL! I was loving my ice cream before this! No more ice cream for a couple more months. Maybe this is just what I need to jump start a healthier diet for the whole family. I just have to get used to a lot more cooking than I have been doing lately! Mark has gained some "sympathy" weight, too, so he is going to basically be doing the diet with me, just not as strict at all. So, that's the big news around here. So, pray that my glucose levels return to normal with the diet and everybody, eat some ice cream and yummy food for me!!

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  1. Oh man that suck but you have a good outlook on it, and everything is all worth when you hold that tiny hand for the first time. Praying everything continues to go well for you and fast too :)


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