Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hooray for Christmas!!

Christmas has officially come to the van Veen household. We have had 2 Christmas parties the last two nights, and they have been really fun. On Thursday, we went to the Zion Christmas Party and hung out with all our friends from Church. We had a massive gift exchange that took like an hour, but it was hilarious to watch everyone steal each other's presents. Mark took one present, and our friend Billie told us that her little daughter called Mark "the Big, Bad man who stole our present!" So hilarious! On Friday, I made a turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy for our cell group Christmas party. It was so fun, although we made way too much food because we expected a larger group. But it was so fun to hang out with all our good friends and eat A LOT and play Cranium. We had such a good time and hopefully I'll put up a group picture from last night soon. Mark and I had such an amazing Saturday! We slept in and enjoyed getting to wake up together, something we rarely get to do. Then we went to lunch at Big Al's (yummy burger basket), then we went to Starbucks and I got my regular Carmel machiatto. Then we went a bought a Christmas tree and decorated it while listening to Worship Music!! So much fun and we both decided it was our favorite Christmas tree Ever!! We also took some family pictures and just had a great day. Next, we are getting pizza and watching Christmas cartoons together. I love, love Christmas!!! And so far, I'm totally loving our first "married" Christmas!


  1. Wow, out to lunch and dinner? Fun!

  2. you two look like newlyweds. so cute. enjoy the beginning of your legacy "mark and laura". and your tree is so sparkly! love it!

  3. Sarah3:42 PM

    I love the pictures! I am glad you are having a great time. We can't wait to celebrate with you two. Actually counting Gidget and Cheo?? that makes four. (I'm not sure if that is how to spell your cat's name) See you soon!


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